Sack's Bridge at sunset.

Miss Betty's Ghosts & Tales of Gettysburg

Where the souls of Gettysburg live on in story.

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"Thank you again for the terrific ghost stories. You will see your [fans] again next year."
      Miss Betty Patron


"Spirits of Sach's Bridge" Tour

Join Miss Betty at Sach's Bridge for the ultimate ghostly experience.

A two hour tribute to the soldiers who died at Sach's Bridge and the field hospitals of Gettysburg


On the most haunted bridge in Gettysburg, witnessing the tragedy of the battle as Miss Betty weaves the death of the soldiers into stories of the "other side."


Follow the ghostly steps of the soldiers as they retreat from Gettysburg dying along one of the most eerie roads of Gettysburg.


The site of a field hospital where the tragically wounded lay awaiting their fate & hear tales of other field hospitals in the area told only as Miss Betty knows how.


On the banks of Marsh Creek where the dead were swept away later to be buried in shallow graves, while Miss Betty reveals sightings of herself & her guests at Sach's Bridge.

End your tour in a field where strange sites have been recorded and learn to take pictures of this ghostly experience. Miss Betty will reveal her "haunted album" pictures that have been taken by paranormals, psychics, and guests over the past decade.

Make this tour a part of your "Gettysburg Experience."

The woods around Sach's Bridge, Gettsburg, PA.

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