Sack's Bridge at sunset.

Miss Betty's Ghosts & Tales of Gettysburg

Where the souls of Gettysburg live on in story.

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Sach's Bridge / Haunted Barn Tour

The Only Tour of its' Kind in Gettysburg
A Unique Paranormal Experience

Miss Betty is the only tour allowed on this very hallowed property. A unique paranormal experience. This is a tour like no other and is only available on weekdays, Monday through Thursday. Please plan ahead with reservations.

Sach's Bridge / Haunted Barn Tour


Step onto the most haunted bridge in Gettysburg, site of the retreat of the Confederacy, to witness a tribute to the fallen soldiers. Listen to the tales of the bridge and the sightings they have evoked. Then walk down the same road as the dying soldiers to a field hospital. Learn about the eerie tales of the field hospitals of Gettysburg and the suffering of the soldiers whose energy has been left behind. Then sit on the bank of Marsh Creek where the dead were swept downstream and learn of the sightings that Miss Betty has encountered and the tales of many others.


Step back into time on 26 acres of privately owned portion of the Battlefield on the grounds of one of the oldest and most historic inns in Gettysburg: Battlefield Bed & Breakfast. Hear stories of the residents of the farm, how they were ravaged and their property and livelihood was destroyed. Enter one of the most historic and haunted barns in Gettysburg (EXCLUSIVE TO MISS BETTY'S TOUR) and walk on the floorboards where the wounded were laid out. Listen to the sightings on the property as experienced by Paranormal States as they investigated the area along with many other paranormal groups.

Sach's Bridge / Haunted Barn Tour


View Miss Betty's Haunted Album, including over a decade of photos taken by psychics, paranormals and tourists.

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Miss Betty's tours have been enjoyed by thousands of visitors for more than a decade. Cameras and equipment are welcome on this very unique tour. Read what previous patrons have said about their experience with Miss Betty on "Trip Advisor."