Sack's Bridge at sunset.

Miss Betty's Ghosts & Tales of Gettysburg

Where the souls of Gettysburg live on in story.

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History & Storytelling by the Renown Miss Betty

The ultimate ghostly experience on exclusive sites where only Miss Betty is allowed to visit.

Step back in time with Miss Betty, renown storyteller/paranormal at Sach's Bridge, for the most haunted tour in Gettysburg. Share in the stories and sightings she has experienced in over a decade of storytelling. Then follow her in your car to the one of the most haunted inns in Gettysburg, Baladerry Inn, a field hospital for Little Round top.

Learn to take photos of orbs, ectoplasma, and other unearthly phenomena. View Miss Betty's Haunted Album, a collection of supernatural pics taken by psychics, paranormals, and tourists through the years.

Why Take Miss Betty's Tour?

For more information, and to make reservations, please contact Miss Betty at Tours not recommended for those under six years of age.